Immature vs mature love

Is this true?
Immature love says, “I love you because I need you.”

Mature love says, “I need you because I love you.”
~ Erich Fromm

It sounds as a true statement. Setting a side all the good things you feel and need when you are in love.
But isn’t the mixture of immature and mature love the one that holds the truth?

Can’t we love someone because we need them and need someone because we love them both at the same time?
In my experience both can be the case.
You won’t love someone because you need him or her to support your weakness or any other thing you may think you are lacking.
No. You may love someone because the other makes you want to be a better person. That might just be the reason why you need him or her?
Or is this to romantic to suggest in this day and age?

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