Love me some pie!

Being a good and successful CEO can be, according to this article, summarized into three fields of knowledge
about your market and about your business.

It is a new version of Johari’s window. KK represents what a CEO/Entrepreneur knows he knows.
Sounds vague? It is not. It is basically really simple.

Johari’s window


  1. KK represents the area of experience and expertise.
  2. KDK is the area and entrepreneur knows that he don’t know. These are for example some of the decisions the competitors are making on their strategy and business plans.
  3. DKDK are the things entrepreneurs don’t know that they don’t know.
    These can be all sort of surprises in the economy and or market that will influence your business.
    For example: suddenly two big competitors suffer from huge losses due to the fact that they get their supplies
    from a country recently struck by an earthquake.

Looking at this pie here are some things tour that I think I should do if I where CEO.

  1. Increase the size of KK. Try to know more about your companies business and increase your field of expertise or get people on board if possible that can extend the KK.
  2. Imrpove the time that is needed for KDK to become KK. Example: Your people need to alert on market changes and or the resource and supply marketou need to be very aware of where your weakspots are and make sure that you can anticipate faster on areas that affect your business.
  3. DKDK is different because these are the surprises that will surprise all. For me the key here would be; To be agile and flexible and create enough leverage to handle these surprises. Most of the time there opportunities in each events. Agility and flexibility and and eye for opportunity is what would make you be better than the rest.

It is not a complicated model. However it needs the right people.
People that will not follow your every lead but will sometimes confront you with better insights and give you better opportunities.
Make sure you select those and listen to them!

A powerful business tool that can give you an edge


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