Become a Creative Entrepreneur

What is a creative Entrepreneur?
A creative entrepreneur is is someone that start from a creative point of view. He also moves from project to project.
He will create projects, connect the right people, be involved in the project, make some money of that project and starts the next.
Always  looking for new projects and opportunities to start and engage in.

The Article.
What is interesting article you will read about Richel Newborg, a freelancer, who became addicted to being freelance and was addicted to finding his next freelance project for money. In the process he lost sight of what made him become a freelancer in the first place.
After coming to the conclusion that he was not on the right track he reinvented himself and created a new sort of entrepreneur.

Money is not an object.
What is most apparent in his article is that money is  the being spoiler. When you become attached to money and when money making becomes the goal, great things don’t happen the become blurred. Creativity does not thrive when the object is making money.
Creativity has its roots in something completely different. Some of the things that spark creativity are:

  1. Nature
  2. New experiences
  3. Looking at other creativeness
  4. Music
  5. Hardship
  6. Problems
  7. Love of the lack there of
  8. Doing fun things
  9. Exercise
  10. Meditation
  11. Anything that gets you excited

If you are looking for any jobs that say: Job opening for Creative Entrepreneur? Stop looking!
But as you may have guessed you can be one today!

Creative Entrepeneur


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