Everything in Life can Be a Game

Life is a Game

20130817-131421.jpgHorst Streck; Gamifier

I have been reading an interesting article in a Dutch News paper, De Telegraaf ( The Telegraph ) Horst Streck is Gamifier and is making life more fun! Years of work in the game industry gave insights on what make people want to play games. It also showed what people get out of it and what makes them going back to that game.

Life in all aspects hold the very ingredients that are present in every game. Although the assests are present not many people experience life to be so much fun. Some of us go to work and don’t get the enjoyment out of the work as they should.

Changing the Process
Although changing the process sounds huge and rigorous, it isn’t the undertaking you might expect. Gamification uses means to get people more engaged. It uses goals, rewards and status changes to get people more involved in what they do. Engagement of employees is a tricky one.
Recent studies have shown that engaged employees prove not to be the most productive. This is related with levels of engagement and intelligence. A highly engaged person that is focused on the company as a whole can loose his productiveness to the task at hand. The other side is that a person that is fully engaged with the task at hand will have less engagement with company strategies and policies. The trick here is to also recognize what type of person enters the Gamification process as a ‘player’.

Gamification needs to take into account, that not everybody is the same. So in essence there should sometimes be different types of a game that lead to the same goals and reward structures will be different because the game mechanic applied works with different players.
There are many types of games and many types of players and getting all engaged is the biggest task. But fun is fun, so there are always ways of achieving just that.

Companies embrace Gamification
Many companies embrace Gamification to have their employees enjoy their work more and in that way become more productive. But that is just on piece of the big puzzle. Other processes that usually are painstakingly dull can now be presented as a fun process.
Think of project management, surveys, customer support, recruiting, employee assessment and many many many others.

Marketing Campaigns
Marketeers been using gamification for many campaigns in the day they would just call them just that, campaign. Although they were in many aspects really good with their campaigns. These forms of Gamification only hold a minor piece of what Gamification is about.
Gamification nowadays is much more, than having people to enter a game of Cola cap collecting in order to find the rewarding one. Or the McDonalds scratch cards that would provide for a free hamburger. Gamification at its currents state entails reward-systems, game mechanics, goals, challenges, status updates and so much more. Design of Gamified application usually uses elements of design that can be found in games.

Life will be More Fun
We will still have processes, tasks and jobs that are no fun.
But Gamification can make them more fun! When you are not working at that dull job right now you might think: I am not so interested because, I love my work. But for those of you that do, Gamification will make a huge difference.


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