They slimed me!

Jamie Oliver has shown in his show, Jamie Oliver’s food revolution.
That MC Donald’s is using pink slime in their meat. Pink slime consists of ammonium hydroxide process used by producers named Beef Products Inc (BPI). MC Donald’s says that this process has only been used in the United States… but i don’t think we can take their word on that. They have now shown that they don’t respect our health at all. Further more in their greed and obsession with profit, they are producing in a way that results in burgers that are not suitable for consumption. MC Donald’s was introduced in my city in 1975.
On average I have eaten 10 hamburgers a year.
The weight of a hamburger is 120 grams.
Lets say 2 percent of that is the pink slime, 2,4 grams
10 times 2,4 is 24 grams each year times 38 years.
Secretly they have fed me almost kilo of Ammonia hydroxide.

Can I Sue them for poisoning me?

Jamie’s fight against fast food.

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